Ride Guide

                              WINTER BIKE LEAGUE- RIDE GUIDELINES 

The WBL hosts the best structured training rides on the planet. The WBL has its own special flavor and we specialize in long winter rides. But we are more than just a ride, we are a community, a network, and even a family, and we look out for our brothers and sisters of the road. Safety and a great training ride are two of our most important objectives. All riders can help in both regards by (1) obeying the rules of the road, and (2) riding double-file AT ALL TIMES, ESPECIALLY WHEN DEPARTING AND ENTERING TOWN. YOU RIDE THESE RIDES AT YOUR OWN RISK!

The WBL rides are not designed to drop riders, but neither do we coddle the sniveling masses. Rides are ridden at a steady tempo - not too fast, not too slow. Our goal is to ride smooth and steady, avoiding rapid accelerations and decelerations. We try and hold a steady, solid and quick tempo for the entirety of a ride. We typically average about 20 miles per hour, shop to shop, sometimes faster depending on the group temperament. Our Mantra:


You should have experience riding in a pack before attempting a WBL ride. These are not the rides to learn how to ride in a pack. Interactive Maps for all rides are available on the website so load it into your Garmin. It is up to each rider to get through the ride and get home on his/her on! The WBL will assist all we can.

We provide a Sag wagon, but riders must be prepared to fend for themselves; The Sag waits on those who flat or has a mechanical but you should not rely on the Sag Vehicle to get you homeRiders should have the route on his/her Garmin (or be with a friend who has it), have money, spare tubes, a cell phone, food and proper clothing. The Sag is not for dropped riders, there isn't enough room. If you get dropped, don't worry and have a great ride and keep trying. 

There is no entry fee to the WBL, but you may tip the Sag Driver. Just show up with your steed, and a few essentials.

You ride these rides at your own risk, so BE CAREFUL OUT THERE. These roads are open to traffic. Be smart. Never take your hands off the bars. Show respect for the communities we ride through and the motorists we encounter.

If you follow these guidelines and the ones below you will have a great ride:

1.   *Ride two abreast at all times, especially when first departing. This is one of the most important guidelines. Obey all rules of the road. (Red lights and stop signs). If the pack splits on the way out of town, don’t worry, we’ll regroup once free of the lights. Keep your eyes and ears open.

2.   Bring money, food, drink, spare tubes, adequate clothing, a cell phone, and a helmet. HELMETS ARE MANDATORY. Load the map into your Garmin or know the route or buddy-up. We generally have 1 pre-announced pee break (1 hour in) and 1 store stop (2 hours in). It is a rider's responsibility to be able to get back to the starting point, as on any group ride. 

3.   Sign in – you must sign in to earn points.

4.   No whining. 

5.   You ride at your own risk. You sprint at your own risk. Sprinting is optional. You assume all risk of injuries. You agree to ride safely at all times and obey all rules of the road. All Attack Zones and Sprint Zones are stated on the WBL site and announced before each ride. YELLOW LINE MUST BE OBSERVED /AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION. Participating in the Attack Zones is at your on risk. 

6.   We will try and have a follow vehicle (Sag wagon), but can never guarantee one. If you flat, you will switch wheels out quickly and rejoin. You can change your flat at the store stop or change out wheels after the ride. The follow vehicle is not there to pick up dropped riders. If you do fall off, don’t worry, follow your Garmin and have a great ride. The Pack will keep moving forward at all times, except store stops and pee breaks.

7.   We have a handicapped points system that allows Cat. 3s, 4s, Vets and Females to compete on an equal footing with Pros.

9.   Please show respect to motorists and the communities we cycle through. Stay two-across and obey the rules of the road.  

10. In case of rain or other inclement weather, we may shorten or cancel a ride, but, we will always try to do a shortened ride for points and prizes. CHECK THIS SITE and FACEBOOK for weather updates.

11. Learn to love to pull. If you pull, never coast, especially downhill. (Mantra: ...push the downhill...)

13.Have Fun! (Mandatory)!!

                         THE BOARD OF THE WBL!