Winter Bike League

Talking with Steve Sevener

Steve Sevener, aka Sev, aka 6-Gun Sevener, is a transplant originally from Wisconsin and is another prolific winner from the pro peloton who called Athens home during the prime years of his remarkable racing career.  Sev moved to Athens in the early 1990s when he was only a spry lad of 19, and over the course of the next decade grew into one of the most gifted, feared and fearless sprinters in the U.S. Sev was a prolific winner and racked up over 200 wins during his illustrious career including winning the sprint jersey at Superweek no less than 5 times, the Tour of Peru three times, and the Tour of Michigan once. Sev won races not only because of his explosive burst of speed, but also because of his bike handling ability and his uncanny ability to finagle (or force) himself into the perfect position in the closing laps or a fast race, and hold that slot until the finale, one of the most difficult feats at which fast finishers must excel. Sev was never afraid to bump shoulders, elbows and hips with the other sprinters, and in the world of professional sprinting where livelihoods and reputations are at stake, he understood the risks a sprinter must take to win are sometimes great. Sev was present during the formative years of the WBL and was also one of the major influencers whose presence and leadership helped shaped the tone, the tenor, the mood, the culture, and the overall vibe the WBL, and strands of his DNA still live and breathe in the packs of today. Sev is one of the most tenacious and scrappy individuals on the face of the planet, in large part because nothing has ever been handed to him. He’s a farm kid from the Upper Midwest and there were no free lunches growing up, he had to earn his keep, and the bike was his pathway to independence, and one he pursued with passion, focus, intensity, determination and drive, all character traits that would serve him well in life beyond the bike. We checked in with Steve and his wife, Lara, recently in their new abode in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi:

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2021 Calendar


A SUMMERTIME WBL in 2021? It could happen!  Depending on the progress we make in our fight against the pandemic, we may schedule WBL rides during the late summer months in 2021 to replace this year's postponed season but these dates are a moving target at this time. Stay tuned...

Our rides start at the Hub at 5 Points in Athens on Saturdays at 10 a.m. (window open). Parking will be available on the side streets in the neighborhoods around the Hub. (Please don’t park at the Hub.) A limited amount of public parking is available at the fire station in 5 Points across Lumpkin. Get ready for the upcoming other season!   

2022 Calendar

(*subject to tweaking due to despicable conditions):    


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