Winter Bike League

Headline News: Gutcheck Gruber snags HUB Overall for 2024, Alexis Magner storms to 2nd, with Travieso, A Gruber and B Grainy rounding out the podium after final event. Read the details and see the HUB OVERALL FINAL STANDINGS below

WBL #11 The Parks Law Lula World Cup

[109 miles. 20.5 mph]

The end. Finito. Dunzo. Time to move on. Let’s go on. Leaving now. 

The finale of this year’s WBL: the Parks Law Lula World Cup. Lula has the ability to lobotomize even the brainless. It sucks all the thoughts out like a vacuum. That’s why we put it at the end. We simply cannot go on past it. It would be brainless and pointless. Humble here has no other thoughts other than the musings below. The muse did indeed show up today and boy did she give us what we needed. A cloudy but warm February day greeted the worn, but not weary group of Zealots as they undertook another journey to the most northern high part of the empire. Once again climbing the Cherokee ridge to the sky by way of Moccasin Gap. The climb to the peach orchards lining the high reaches of the gap ushers one in with the sweet smell of that yellow peach flesh. However, at the top that sweet peach turns on lobotomizing vacuum and sucks it all out. Notwithstanding, little Brick Dangerblade and California Dreamin Magner screamed their ways to victory atop the famed gap.

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2022-23 Calendar

2024 TOP 20
1 Gruber Gutcheck 197
2 Magner Alexis 155.5
3 Travieso Frank 108
4 Gruber Ashley 97
5 Grainy Brandon 89
6 Cooper Carlie 86
7 Scarano Andy 85
8 Magner Tytus 70
9 Ruhe Julian 64
10 Sanders Michael 63
11 Cornett Brendan 58
12 Morrison Tommy 51
13 Crumley Frank 50
14 Desevaux Cyril 50
15 Brown Thomas 46
16 Carabello Charlie 46
17 Martin John 46
18 Baynes Gatewood 44
19 Pfeiffer Frank 44
20 Gartvig Ivan 42
[complete results posted in Ride Story]
When: soon
Where: The HUB (5 Points) 
Route: tba
Length: tba
Time: 10 AM (window open) 
Points: tba
Exit Route: tba
Store Stop: tba
Pee break: Mile 20

*Parking: Ride your bike down, park on a side street nearby. DO NOT PARK IN THE HUB'S PARKING LOT


*{always subject to tweaks and changes due to inlement weather. Last minute changes posted on social media)

Ride # 11: Saturday 10 February 2024: Pro Sprint # 5: Gruber Images Lula World Cup (5 hours / 100 miles) 

Ride # 12: Saturday 3 February 2024: Pro Sprint # 6: Parks Law Elberton Granite Festival World Cup (5 Hours / 100 miles)