Winter Bike League 2014

Breaking NewsThis season's WBL jersey and bibs are now available for ordering. Follow the directions below to place your order directly with Hincapie Clothing. These are top quality bibs and jerseys. Images of the bibs and shorts are available on the WBL Facebook page (or email The pricing is fixed: $75 for jerseys and $90 for bibs and $10 processing fee. Complete payment by Nov. 23, so be sure and place orders now. Delivery should be mid-to-late December. Jerseys and bibs shipped directly to you by Hincapie. Please note when you place your order, a stock photo of a Hincapie jersey/bibs will appear.

Please follow the instructions below to begin your order.:
Click the link below to go to the Hincapie Team Center home page. Using the access code provided below, create your account. Then log in and click on WBL Kits to begin your product selection.
Click the link below to go to the Hincapie Team Center home page. Log in to your account, and then use the drop-down menu at the top right-hand corner of the screen to select Account. Scroll down to My Teams and enter the access code provided below. This will link your account to our team order. After you have done this, click Home at the top of the screen and then click on WBL Kits to begin your product selection.
Click the link below to go to the Hincapie Team Center home page. Log in to your account and click on WBL Kits to
begin your product selection.
Access Code: 2015WBL

First Ride: 6 Dec., 10 a.m. (window open) from the Hub (5 Points).

  • HOME OPENER / 6 Dec:  The Hub Good Hope Misadventure

  • Time: 10 a.m.* (window open) 
  • Length: 75 miles / 4 hours
  • When: Saturday, 6 December
  • Where: The Hub (5 Points / Athens) SEE PARKING OPTIONS
  • Exit Route: South on Milledge  > Simonton Road
  • Pee Break: @ Mile 19
  • Store Stop: Good Hope / Mile 38
  • Pee Break: 1 hour /
  • Intermezzo Sprints: None
  • Interactive Map:
  • Text directions:coming
  • Final Sprint: None

Up and over: The View from the Rear
Up and over: The View from the Rear.

Parking: Parking is available on streets and in lots near the Hub (see list below), but there is no WBL parking in front of the Hub. It will simply be a matter of learning the new parking locations to make this a smooth transition. Make sure to lock up and don't leave valuables in your car. Local riders, as always, ride your bikes to the start. 

  • Parking is avilable on the white curb on surrounding residential streets beginning on Milledge Terrace, the first side road street next to the Hub (beside 5 Points Fitness) see map for the many available side streets:
  •  Barrow Elementary School: Parking is available at Barrow Elementary School, about on-fourth of a mile from the Hub. From the Hub, travel north on Lumkin towards downtown and the UGA track for 1/4 mile and turn right on Pinecrest. Barrow Elementary School is on the right / see map:
  • Fire Station (5 Points): There are 12 spaces available the fire station at 5 Points. These are the 12 spaces in the lot closest to Milledge Avenue, not the back lot. 

WINTER BIKE LEAGUE- RIDE GUIDELINES (see "read more" link below)

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WBL 2014-15 Calendar

First Ride: 6 Dec., 10 a.m. (window open) from the Hub (5 Points).

Overall Leader's Jersey sponsored by the HUB, and individual rides sponsored by Atlantis Hydroponics, Porterfield Tire, Team Type 1, Ken Bike Law, Classic City Bread, Cappy's Custom Cabinets, Hamilton Ryker IT, Independent Bakery, Team Mission Source Juniors, Gruber Images, Morgan and Thomas Brown and others tba.

Featuring the Team Mission Source Juniors Ladies Final Sprint Competiton ($700!)

Individual Sprints sponsored by Condor Chocolates, Team Type 1, Ted's Most Bet, College Transitions, The Gear Attic and more tba!

Overall / The Hub: 1st: $250 + da box; 2nd: $150 plus a bag; 3rd: $100 + bag; 4th: $50 plus a bag; 5th: $25 + a bag plus more tba.

SAG Vehicle provided by Lexus South. Don't be left out in the cold, become a sponsor and earn rewards in heaven.

*2014-15 Calendar*

6 December: The Hub Good Hope Classic / 4 hours / 74 miles  (no sprint)

13 December: The Team Mission Source Juniors Maysville Classic / 3.5 hours / 70 miles (no sprint) /

20 December: Colbert / 3.5 hours / 70 miles (no sprint)

27 December: Statham / 3 hours / 55 miles (no sprint)


1 January: The Independent Bakery Greshamville Mall-Farmington / 3 hours (Ladies Only Sprint) / $200: 5 deep ($100 - $75 - $50 - $25 - $10 // Pts: 10-8-6-4-2)

3 January: Classic City Bread-Ken Bike Law Commerce Classic / 3.5 hours (Non Pro, 1, 2 Sprint) / $200: 3 deep

10 January: Atlantis Hydroponics Bowman: Classic / 4.5 hours (Pro Sprint) $200 winner take all!

17 January: Hamilton-Ryker IT Hard Labor Classic / 4 hours (Pro Sprint) / $200: 3 deep

24 January: Porterfield Tire Alto World Cup with the Cappy's Custom Cabinets World Famous Alto City Limits Sprint / 5.5 hours / $$$$$

31 January: Team Type 1 Classic / 4 hours / tba

7 February: The Morgan and Thomas Brown Epic / details tba

14 February: The Gruber Images 2015 Finale