BREAKING NEWS (12-10):The Zealots pulled the old shell game on Mather Nature this weekend and instead of succumbing to severe conditions on Saturday, including snow, ice, sleet, rain and howling winds, in a stroke of genius, pushed the WBL ride to Sunday, where the 60 or so attendees were blessed with sunshine, dry roads and clear skies. And though the temps never rose higher than 43 degrees, the Zealots were warm and toasty, snug as three pigs in one blanket, only 20 minutes into the day’s festivities. But the reason the skies had been scrubbed to a clean blue slate is because the gale force busters blew the clouds out of the State and over to Clemson where it hopefully ruined the grass at Memorial Stadium in Death Valley over Clemson way. And when last week’s protagonists J Gruber and T Brown, Pete and RePete, realized the grupetto was being blasted by stiff crosswinds, they signaled each other with a flick of their pinky fingers and simultaneous diabolical grins—a sure sign they were intent on causing consternation and caterwauling in the peloton, and they succeeded handily with the help of Brock Brick Mason and Andy Lo Mein Lougher, who also enjoy a friendly game of Turn the Screws. The Zealots toured through the southwestern vector of the pale at a steady 21 mile per hour clip, and though not all finished with the leaders, kudos and shout-outs to all who dared venture out into the blsutery maw of this rough and tumble day, especially the young, tough lads and lasses from Frazier Cycling, a couple who have only completed 13 laps around the sun—put that little nugget in your pipe and ponderate on it for a bit! With two events down, the number of those tied for the lead is about 50—the barn door is wide open.  

WBL # 3: The Homer Hop on Over and Then Come Back Gala

When: December 16 (Saturday)

Where: The Hub / Independent Baking Company (5 Points / Athens) (

Time: 10 AM (window open)

Length: 80 miles / 4 hours

Points: 4 pts (1 per hour)

Interactive map:

Exit Route: Milledge > Hill St. > Pulaski > MLK > Nowhere Rd

Store Stop:  Homer (Mile 45)

Pee Break: Mile 20 

Intermediate Sprints:

  1. None

Final Attack Zone (Mile): None


  • Total Rides: 2 
  • Total Miles: 160

WBL 2017-18 Calendar

Overall Leader sponsored by the HUB Bikes  (

Sprint Series sponsored by Euro Truck Importers (

2017-18 Calendar

(*subject to tweaking due to despicable conditions):

16 December: Homer / 4 hours / 80 miles (no sprint)

23 December:  / Statham / 3 hours (no sprint)

30 December: The Homer Knuckle-Brawl / 4 hours (Non-Pro Sprint) / $200: 3 deep ($100 - $75 - $25 // Pts: 10-8-6-4-2) 

1 January (Monday): The Cappy's Custom Cabinets Commerce Classic / 3 hours (Ladies Sprint) / $200: 5 deep ($100 - $75 - $50 - $25 - $25 // Pts: 10-8-6-4-2) (

6 January: The Parks Law Firm Bowman Rally / 4.5 hours / 90 miles (Pro Sprint) $200 winner take all! (


13 January: The Classice City Bakery Madison Classique / 4 hours (Sprint) / $200: 3 deep (


20 January: Porterfield Tire Alto World Cup / 5.5 hours / 115 miles / $$$$ (

27 January: The Atlantis Hydroponics Greensboro Romp / 90 miles / 4.5 hours (

3 February: The Independent Baking Company Monroe Massacre / 80 miles / 4 hours (

10 February: The Gruber Images Hoschton Hale Raisin Rodeo Ride / 80 miles / 4 hours (

17 February: Lexington / 80 miles / 4 hours

24 February: Potential make up day