Winter Bike League

Breaking News (Wednesday):  Due to the indeterminate forecast, Saturday's WBL ride (12-15) is rescheduled to Sunday (12-16), all esle remains the same. Buckle your chainstraps, grease your lubricity, hustle your package and hurry on down, it's time for WBL # 2! 

Headline NewsDecember 2, 2018: The eyes of the world were trained on the center of the cycling universe Saturday, Athens, Georgia, as the WBL 2018-19 season kicked off with the HUB Homer Home Opener, an 82-mile sizzler to Homer and the forested Appalachian foothills in the northern vector of the Empire. Though the roads were still glistening from the previous day’s deluge, over 120 Zealots stormed out of the gates and into the warm, thick soup—though the ambient air was moist, the temperature had already topped 60 degrees and was on its way to 70. Some of the hellions on hand for the opening gala included 15-year-old pedal phenom Stephen Toaster Heath, the Wisconsin Cheesehead Grace Anne Ingham, The Doctor Of Love Willie Saunders, The one and only Rootin Tootin Cal Hootin, the Weather Whisperer Ansley Long, the Flying Frenchman Cyril Deseveux, the Amazing Alexa Hoppenfeld, Tommy Aristotle Morrison, and the Brawler from Boone Noah Niwinski. A slew of first-timers signed in for the affair also including Elvys Blue Suede Martinez, Nick el Capo Mastrogiovanni, The Belgian Warlord Tristen Haseler and Jensy’s adopted stepbrother Eric Voight. It was a rowdy, rambunctious crew hale bent on tapping out a solid tempo for four hours—hop on, hang on, and pray, it was the best advice we could give.

The galley slaves at the front—Mojock, Gruber, Creed, Harkins, Sencenboss, York and Crumley—set a silky-smooth tempo over hill and dale, cutting through the detritus washed into the road, slicing across large standing puddles, and spraying rooster tails on all the riders behind—a wet, glorious time was had by all. Halfway into the day’s misadventure the sun finally broke through the gray clouds and blasted the Zealots with warm solar flares—the majority of the pack was now riding in shorts and without arm warmers and the mercury climbed to a record-breaking 74 degrees! The group finished off the day as it had begun—gliding along in majestic, double-file procession at a comfortable clip. The pack finished the day with an average speed of 20.5 miles per hour for the 82 mile affair, a solid opening event, especially considering how smoothly the group sailed. Salud, Brother and Sisters, we’re rolling now.

WINTER BIKE LEAGUE 2018-19 (*We are watching the forecast for Saturday - stay tuned) 

16 December (Sunday): The First American Bank Good Hope Ramble / 4 hours / 80 miles (no sprint) ((

Where: The Hub / Independent Baking Company (5 Points / Athens) ( // https://www.facebook.comTota/IndependentBakingCo)

Time: 10 (window open) 

Length: 80 miles / 4 hours

Points: 4 pts. (1 per hour)

Interactive map: 

Exit Route: S Milledge > backway to Colham Ferry
Store Stop: Good Hope (Mile 44)
Pee Break: Mile 22 
Finis: No sprint
  • Total Rides: 1 
  • Total Miles: 82

WBL 2018-19 Calendar

2018-19 Calendar (*subject to tweaking due to despicable conditions / if Saturday is ever a washout the ride may take place on Sunday):

Our Mantra: Cruise the flats, kick back on the climbs, push the downhills.  

  • 22 December (Saturday): The Full Circle Real Estate Paoli Junction Jubilee / 4 hours / 80 miles (no sprint) (
  • 1 January (Tuesday): The Reeves and Young Commerce Classic / 3.5 hours (Ladies Only Sprint) / 5 deep $$$ // Pts: 10-8-6-4-3-2-1) (
  • 12 January (Saturday): The Ken Bike Law Greensboro Classic / 4.5 hours / 90 miles (Sprint) / $200: 3 deep (
  • 16 February (Saturday): Potential make-up Ride 


OUR 2019 SPONSORS (so far):

Overall Leader sponsored by the HUB Bikes  (

Ladies Finish Sprint Series sponsored by Team Type 1 Foundation (

Haute Route Asheville (

Jackie Crowell Ladies Sprint Series sponsored by Euro Truck Importers (