SINGLE FILE SATURDAYS PRESENTS: COMMERCE (*Saturday's ride is moved to Sunday because of rain) 

When: 18 March (Sunday)

Where: The Hub / Independent Baking Company (5 Points / Athens) (

Time: 9 AM (window open) 

Length: 70 miles /  3.5 hours

Points: in heaven

Interactive map:

Exit Route: Milledge > Prince > Access Road

Store Stop:  Commerce (Mile 43)

Pee Break: Mile 20

Intermediate Sprints: None

Final Attack Zone:  Pink Church (1 mile) 

WBL 2018 Awards:

  • MVP: Thomas Brown
  • The Hub Leader’s Jersey Holders:  Harrison Nguy, Judah Sencenbaugh, Sommers Creed, Thomas Brown
  • Ladies in the Top 10: Judah Sencenbaugh (2nd), Madeline Pearce (5th), Sommers Creed (6th)
  • Top Non Pros: Michael Garrison (3rd), Cole Rasser (7th)
  • Rookies of the Year: Sommers Creed, Cole Rasser, Cyril Deseveux, Stephen Heath
  • Stage Winners: Michael Garrison, Judah Sencenbaugh, Frank Travieso (2), Thomas Brown (2), Jered Gruber, Lachlan Holliday
  • Most Dramatic Win: Thomas Brown (Alto); Michael Garrison (Monroe)
  • The 1,000 Mile Club (attended all 12 rides): Cyril Deseveux, Michael Sencenbaugh, David Crowe
  • True Grit Award (aka Tough as Hale Award): Jason K. Jones, Paul Harkins, Sommers Creed, Jim Baynes, Deborah Potsma, Frank Crumley, Erik Gruenwedel,
  • The Bounceback Award: Mike Buechel, Tom Fortune, Thom Leonard
  • The Damn, I Love to Pull Medal of Honor: Jered Gruber, Thomas Brown, Chris Mojock, Ian Garrison, Frank Travieso, Brock Mason
  • Number of Rides: 12
  • Miles ridden: 1025 miles
  • Average Miles per ride: 85 miles per ride

WBL 2017-18 Calendar

Overall Leader sponsored by the HUB Bikes  (

Ladies Sprint Series sponsored by Team Novo Nordisk (

Sprint Series sponsored by Euro Truck Importers (