Winter Bike League

WBL # 9: The Parks Law Godfrey Classic in Memory of Allen Thompson

The 9th ride of the WBL season was ridden in memory of Allen Thompson—a WBL zealot and UGA graduate. Allen was a fixture of the Georgia cycling scene and will always be missed and remembered.

There comes a point in every WBL season that the end seems too far, the beginning too near, and nothing is close enough. Finding his way through the coffee fog at the start, Ivan Gartvig lamented his lamentations on cappuccinos versus drip coffee with no true answer or issue being found. The drip drop of coffee into a cup was the only precipitation in the air as the clouds passed by like little pillows of hope. A hope for a brighter future yelled the Noble Noah Niwinski! Quickly Brandon Locks of Love Grainy countered with his wish for unlimited hair conditioner to counteract his frizz ball of a flowing mane. Locks of love’s hair is now at such a length that anyone who rides behind him is greeted to a tickling sensation on their nose as the hair flicks back in forth. Izzie the hair stylist Harden volunteered her services to Locks of Love, but he declined politely.

The gentle hills of southern Oconee-County gradually flatten into the lumps of Hard Labor Creek State Park. Those Oconee humps come from the ancient Greek rivers that cut their way into the Georgia red dirt clay. Ole Robert Jordan explained the concept of erosion that those Greek gods came up with in order to raise the Classic City up on the bluff that looks down on those outlying areas.  Those lower outlying counties tried over the years to assert their own sovereignty, but only the leaders in the state capital could muster the courage to create a park. Hard Labor Creek State Park was the sight of the day’s ladies sprint and non-other than the green thumb herself Ashley Gruber took first honors.

Women's Hard Labor:

  1. Ashley Gruber
  2. Jenny Thorton-Brooks
  3. Izzie Harden

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2022-23 Calendar


DIGITAL SIGN IN [opens Friday]   
When: Saturday, 4 February  [details coming]
Where: The Hub / Jittery Joes (5 Points)  
Time: 10 a.m. (window open) 
Length: 92 /  4.5 hours 
5 pts: 1 per hour (must sign in) 
Exit Route: Stadium > North Ave > 4th street
Store Stop: Elberton (Mile 41)
Pee Break: approx. Mile 23 / 65
Intermediate Sprints: 
**Jackie Crowell Women's Sprint-- Smithonia Historic District Sign (mile 15 ). 500 meter dash 
·         3 pts. / $25
·         2 pts.
·         1 pts.
**Non Pro: Sander's BBQ Restaurant Sign Sprint at Mile 52.5. Opens at mile 50 after crossing the Broad River. 2ish miles uphill. 
·         3 pts. / $25
·         2 pts
·         1 pt
** PRO Sprint: Yo Simpson Presents the Gene Dixon Hill Jam (Mile 74 inside the final attack zone): WBL line in the road at the top of the third hump in the final attack zone (sponsored by Rob Yo Simpson)
·         3 pts. / $ 25
·         2 pts
·         1 pt
Final Attack Zone: 10 Miles / Gene Dixon's) Attack Zone opens at Mile 68 when the pack turns right on Hargrove Lake Road. Ride straight for 6 miles. Right on Beaverdam for 1/2 mile. Left on Smithonia for 1 mile. Right on Melton Road for 2 miles to the WBL line in road. 
Pro Finish Sponsored by Team Type 1 Foundation:
·         10 pts / $100
·         8 pts. / $75
·         6 pt / $25
·         4 pts
·         2 pts
Ladies Jackie Crowell Finish: 
·         10 pts. / $75
·         8 pts / $50
·         6 pt. / $25
·         4 pts.
·         2 pts
Non Pro Finish sponsored by WBL Canadian Mafia:
·         10 pts / $25
·         8 pts. / $25
·         6 pt / $25
·         4 pts
·         2 pts
Parking: Ride your bike down, park on a side street nearby. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE CAR IN HUB PARKING LOT DURING RIDE. 

WBL 2022-23

**Calendar subject to tweaks and edits and outright cancellations due to the whims of Mother Nature.  

Ride # 11: 11 February 2023: Pro Sprint # 6: Gruber Images Lula Lobotomy (5 hours) 


The Overall Leader sponsored by Hub Bikes (

The Jackie Crowell Ladies Final Sprint

Featuring the Yo Steep Arse Hill Jams