Headline News / FridayDue to the impending deluge, the WBL ride for Saturday, January 21 (Alto), is CANCELLED. We will ride Alto next Saturday (Jan 28) and the forecast looks stupendous. Calendar adjusted this weekend to reflect new schedule.

Headline News / 17 Jan: The historic Grandadddy of Them All, the Great Porterfield Tire Alto World Cup Event to crown 20th winner this year!  

  • 2016 - Dillon Swaim
  • 2015 - Ty Magner
  • 2014 - Frank Travieso
  • 2013 - Frank Travieso
  • 2012 - Frank Travieso
  • 2011 - Thomas Brown
  • 2010 - Thomas Brown
  • 2009 - Slim Henry
  • 2008 - Don Giannini
  • 2007 - Cleve Blackwell
  • 2006 - John Murphy
  • 2005 - Tim Johnson
  • 2004 - John Murphy
  • 2003 - Big Jon Atkins
  • 2002 - Crowe
  • 2001 - Big John Atkins
  • 2000 - Tommy Mulkey
  • 1999 - Eric Lemaire
  • 1998 - Chris Pic


 The Indiana Rocker, Ryan Knapp, outsprinted his breakaway companion, Brick Dangerblade, on the 2nd day of a cruel double-header weekend and won his first ever WBL ride this past Sunday, an 83-mile slobber-knocker south through Madison and beyond. The group tackled the deceptive 6-mile Flatrock Road Attack Zone and as soon as the whistle blew the fifty-person group was strung out into a single-file thread weaving and bobbing down Wire Bridge Road like their pants were on fire. Strong riders launched attacks off the front and panic set in behind and everyone pedaled like hell and was flying over the blacktop and groups rejoined and split again and it was a regular fistfight the first two miles on the gently undulating roads.

The attacks and counter-attacks continued as the group flew down the fast sections on Oliver Bridge but was still together, though heaving heavily, as the riders turned right on Flat Rock Road with 2 miles to go. As the group raced up the initial steep slopes of Flat Rock, Dangerblade smelled blood and went for the jugular—he stood and kicked and kept on going and quickly opened up a 100-meter gap. Knapp, drawing on his experience as a former rock star, smelled a rat and soloed from the group and bridged to Brick. The two recognized that fame and fortune awaited one of them so they shared the load collectively and worked together like two well-trained sled dogs. Though riders in the group behind launched several violent surges, no one could bridge the gap and the two stayed clear by 10 seconds. At the line, the Rocker out-juked Dangerblade to take the greatest victory of his impressive career. Behind the two front-runners Sean YoYo Philyaw soloed across for 3rd in an impressive display of brute strength. He was followed by the thundering herd close on his heels, lead home by the Cuban Missile Frank Travieso in 4th and Saturday’s victor, Jonathon the Green Lantern Atwell, in 5th. On the Ladies side of the ledger, Mighty Jane Tullis won the day followed by M Heath and J Sencenbaugh.

Heath sits on top in the Hub Overall Competition but Philyaw, Atwell and Travieso are lurking in the shadows. Frazier Cycling’s Jane Tullis, Harrison Nguy and Blake Wilson continue to impress and remain in the Top 7 Overall with Frank Crumley, Madeline Pearce, Ashley Gruber and David Heath rounding out the Top 11, that is, those “in the money.”  (Please note 11th place this year = $1.)

Finish (sponsored by Atlantis Hydroponics):(

  1. Ryan Knapp: 10 pts
  2. Brick Dangerblade: 8 pts.
  3. Sean Philyaw: 6 pts
  4. Frank Travieso pts.: 4 pts
  5. Jonathon Atwell: 2 pts.
  6. Jered Gruber: 1 pt
  7. All: 4 pts. (1 pt. per hour)

Ladies Finish (sponsored by Team Mission Source Juniors)(

  1. Jane Tullis: 5 pts.
  2. Megan Heath: 3 pts
  3. Judah Sencenbaugh: 1 pts

Non Pro Finish Finish (sponsored by Team Type I Foundation)(

  1. Sean Philyaw: 5 pts.
  2. Frank Travieso: 3 pts
  3. Jonathon Atwell: 1 pt
  4. Harrison Nguy: 1 pt

Bishop City Limit / Ladies Sprint (sponsored by College Transitions)

  1. Megan Heath: 3 pts
  2. Ashley Gruber: 2 pts.
  3. Tracie Fernandez: 1 pt

Antoich Hill Climb / Pro (sponsored by Greg Sommerville / Icon Sprint)

  1. Jonathon Atwell: 3 pts
  2. Tommy Morrison: 2 pts.
  3. Frank Travieso: 1 pt



Jonathon the Green Lantern Atwell scored the greatest win of his illustrious career as he outkicked his two breakaway companions—Jered Gutcheck Gruber and Gabriel Pink Socks Mendez—at the end of a grueling 100-mile day. When the large 90 person grupetto turned onto Erastus Church Road and began the deceptively difficult 9-mile Final Attack Zone, Thomas Nature Boy Gibbons immediately pushed the pedal to the floor and stretched the pack into one long, thin line before it finally snapped in three or four spots. The front two groups came back together after a half mile but another half dozen attacked straightaway and kept the packs collective heartrate and an average of 275 beats per minute. Tongues were wagging as the pack was skidding down the runway at 35 miles per hour and they were less than two miles in.

When the leaders took the left turn onto Seagraves Mill Road, Gutcheck Gruber exploded off the front, as he is wont to do, and quickly opened a 100-meter gap. Alarm bells clattered behind and Atwell and Mendez jumped and managed to join Gruber after a 500-meter chase. Behind the strong riders weren’t resting on their laurels and Thomas Nature Boy Gibbons, Frank the Cuban Missile Travieso, Ryan the Sleeper Knapp and Huntley Moto Mojo Nash surged and began a furious chase. The group behind split into bits and pieces as riders pushed forward and fought to hang on. As the riders climbed Seagraves Road Hill and took the right on Nowhere Road with 3 miles to go, the 3 leaders held a tenuous seven second gap over the four chasers, who were throwing caution to the wind and tearing up the road. The third group on the road contained about 20 riders and was another 15 seconds in arrears. All three groups were ripping down the road like their house was on fire.

In an impressive show of strength, the three frontrunners held off the chasers down the 3-mile run to the finish line. Gruber jumped first but was countered by Atwell who powered away for the win. Gruber followed for second and the impressive 18-year old wunderkind, Gabriel Mendez, crossed the line in third. Gibbons won the sprint from the four-man chase group, followed closely by Ryan Knapp, Frank Travieso and Huntley Nash. Megan Heath, Judah Sencenbaugh and Jane Tullis showed impressive fortitude and finished in the 20-person chased group only twenty seconds behind the front seven. Solid rides also from David Heath, Seth Callahan, Scott Morris, Erik Gruenwedel, Isabella Nguy, Sam Tullis and Aidan Landrum. Kudos, Ladies and Gents, for one epic ride. 

Finish (sponsored by Ken Bike Law-Classic City Bread):( //

  1. Jonathon Atwell: 10 pts
  2. Jered Gruber: 8 pts.
  3. Gabriel Mendez: 6 pts
  4. Thomas Gibbons pts.: 4 pts
  5. Ryan Knapp: 2 pts.
  6. Attack Point: Huntley Nash: 1 pt
  7. Attack Point: Frank Traviso: 1 pt.
  8. All: 6 pts. (5 pts. + 1 accidental additional 8 miles)

Ladies Finish (sponsored by Team Mission Source Juniors)(

  1. Megan Heath: 5 pts.
  2. Judah Sencenbaugh: 3 pts
  3. Jane Tullis: 1 pt

Non Pro Finish Finish (sponsored by Team Type I Foundation)(

  1. Jonathon Atwell: 5 pts.
  2. Gabriel Mendez: 3 pts
  3. Frank Travieso: 1 pt

Melton Road Hill Jam / Ladies Sprint (sponsored by College Transitions)

  1. Lauren Dodge: 3 pts
  2. Jane Tullis: 2 pts.
  3. Megan Heath: 1 pt

Old Wildcat Bridge Hill Jamboree / Non Pro (sponsored by Keim Performance Consulting)

  1. Frank Travieso: 3 pts
  2. Seth Callahan: 2 pts.
  3. Gabriel Mendez: 1 pt

WBL 2016-17 Overall (After 1-15-17 )

  1. Megan Heath: 58 pts.
  2. Sean Philyaw: 47 pts.
  3. Frank Travieso: 47 pts
  4. Jonathon Atwell: 44 pts.
  5. Jane Tullis: 42 pts.
  6. Blake Wilson: 40 pts
  7. Harrison Nguy: 38 pts
  8. Frank Crumley: 37 pts.
  9. Madeline Pearce: 37 pts
  10. David Heath: 37 pts
  11. Ashley Gruber 37 pts.

For Complete Overall hit "read more" link bleow.

Total Rides: 8 
Total Miles: 615 miles
When: 28 January / Saturday   

Time: 10 a.m (Window Open) 
Where: The Hub (5 Points): (

Length: 115 miles / 6 hours

Interactive map: 

Exit Route: Milledge > Hill Street > Pulsaki > MLK > Boley > Nowhere Road

Pee break: Mile 29 

Store Stop: Alto ( Mile 52)

Points: 6 ( 1 per hour)

Intermezzo Sprints:

(1) Alto City Limit / Pro Sprint (Mile 45): 8 miles (Greg Sommerville Icon Sprint): Attack Zone opens at Mile 45. Climb the Alto Triple Stairstep (4 miles) and turn right at stop sign. Ride 4 miles to Alto City Limit sprint. Store stop after stop sign.  

  • 1st: 5 pts / $100
  • 2nd: 4 pts.
  • 3rd: 3 pts.
  • 4th: 2 pts
  • 5th: 1 pt

(2) Crackback Hill / Non Pro (Mile 72) You are eligible if you are: 19 or younger, 35 or older, OR not a Male Cat 1 or 2): 500 meter uphill back breaker. (Sponsored by Dr. Scott Thomas)

  • 1st: 3 pts / $25 
  • 2nd: 2 pts 
  • 3rd: 1 pt

Final Attack Zone (PRO SPRINT) Mile 99: Alto Attack Zone (9 miles): Attack Zone opens when pack turns left on AC Smith Road (Steep Dog Road). Ride 1.5 miles and turn right on Erastus Church Road. Ride 1 mile to dead end/stop sign and turn left on Seagraves. Ride 4 miles and turn right on Nowhere Road, Ride 3miles to Jackson County sign / WBL line in road. 

Prizes/ Points: (Final Sprint sponsored by Porterfield Tire (

  • 1st: $200 / 15 pts plus da Box!
  • 2nd: $100 / 12 pts
  • 3rd: $75 / 9 pts
  • 4th: $50 / 6 pts
  • 5th: $25 / 3 pts
  • 6th; 2 pts
  • 7th: 1 pt

Ladies Finish (sponsored by Team Mission Source Juniors (

  • 1st: $100 / 8 pts
  • 2nd: $50 / 7 pts
  • 3rd: $25 / 6 pts
  • 4th: $10 / 5 pts
  • 5th: $5 / 4 pts.
  • 6th: 3 pts.
  • 7th: 2 pts
  • 8th, 9th, 10th: 1 pt

Non Pro 1, 2 Finish (sponsored by Team Type 1 Foundation (

  • 1st: $25 / 5 pts 
  • 2nd: $25 / 4 pts
  • 3rd: $25 / 3 pts
  • 4th: 2 pts
  • 5th: 1 pt

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WBL 2016-17 Calendar

WBL 2016-17 Calendar: (subject to tweaking due to foul weather):         

[*The WBL mantra: Cruise the flats, push the downhills, kick back on the climbs*]    

28 January: The Great Porterfield Tire Alto World Cup / 6 hours, 115 miles with leadout train by Team Mission Source Juniors // (

4 February: The Parks Law-Team Type 1 Foundation Gallop to Greensboro / 4.5 hours, 90 miles (

11 February: Gruber Images Talmo Throwdown / 4.5 hours (

18 February: Georgia Cycle Sports Royston Classic (

25 February: [potential make-up day only if needed]



*Overall Leader's Jersey sponsored by the HUB

*Ladies Sprint Finishes sponsored by Team Type One Foundation 

*Non Pro, 1-2 Sprint Finishes sponsored by Team Mission Source Juniors

*Sprint Series / 5 iconic sprints = $50 each sprint with overall sprint series $Winner$ sponsored by Greg Sommerville


Individual rides sponsored by: Atlantis Hydroponics, Porterfield Tire, Ken Bike Law, Classic City Bread, Gruber Images, Clay Parks Law, Team Mission Source Juniors, Independent Baking Company, Full Circle Real Estate, Jason Bewley, Anonymous donors

Sprints sponsored by  College Transitions, Keim Performance Consulting, Independent Baking Company, My Cycling Coach, Bella at 5 Points, Southeastern Cycling, Jason Bewley, Scott Thomas.