Winter Bike League

SFS Breaking News: Due to the pandemic, at the request of those wiser than us, we are SUSPENDING ALL SFS RIDES UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Please be safe out there. 


  • The Hub Leader’s Jersey: Judah Sencenbaugh, Frank Travieso
  • Ladies in the Top 10: Judah Sencenbaugh (2nd), Sommers Creed (5th),
  • Top Non-Pros: Jackson Gilbert (3rd), Kyle Kimball (7th), Frank Crumley (8th)
  • Rookies of the Year: Kyle Kimball, Julien Ruhe
  • Stage Winners: Frank Travieso (4), Kyle Kimball, Pat Raines, Debbie Milne
  • The 1,000 Mile Club (attended all 12 rides): Jackson Gilbert, Frank Crumley, Brendan Cornett, Thomas Brown, Judah Sencenbaugh, Cyril Desevuex, Brendan Cornett, Mitchell Snyder, David Crowe
  • Stellar Year Award: Reece Latham, Julien Ruhe, Frank Crumley, Brendan Cornett
  • Most Dramatic Win: Alto (Travieso); Madison (Raines)
  • Number of Rides: 11
  • Miles ridden: 955 miles
  • Average Miles per ride: 87 miles per ride


2020 Final Overall (sonsored by The HUB / (for complete listing see "read more")

  1. Frank Travieso: 124 pts.
  2. Judah Sencenbaugh: 110 pts.
  3. Jackson Gilbert: 88 pts
  4. Brendan Cornett: 86 pts.
  5. Sommers Creed: 80 pts
  6. Thomas Brown: 77 pts.
  7. Kyle Kimbal: 65 pts.
  8. Crumley: 62 pts
  9. Emily Cameron: 58 pts.
  10. Gutcheck Gruber: 57 pts.
  11. Cyril Deseveux: 55 pts
  12. Crowe: 55 pts.
  13. Oliver Quinn: 54 pts
  14. Mitchell Snyder: 54 pts.
  15. Scott Morris: 48 pt
  16. Paul Harkins: 47 pts.
  17. Julien Ruhe: 46 pts.
  18. Elliot Caldwell: 44 pts.
  19. Cole Rasser: 44 pts.
  20. Gatewood Baynes: 43 pts.
  21. Ainsley Long: 43 pts
  22. Reece Latham: 43 pts

In the HUB Overall, in addition to those podium finishers already mentioned, outstanding seasons were put in by Kyle Kimball (7th), Crumley (8th), E Cameron (9th) and Gutcheck Gruber (10th). Salud, Brothers and Sisters, until next year.

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2020 Calendar


The WBL COMETH: 12 stellar rides to lay the foundation for your 2020 season. Our rides start at the Hub at 5 Points in Athens on Saturdays at 10 a.m. (window open). Parking will be available on the side streets in the neighborhoods around the Hub. (Please don’t park at the Hub.) A limited amount of public parking is available at the fire station in 5 Points across Lumpkin. Get ready for the upcoming other season!   

2021 Calendar

(*subject to tweaking due to despicable conditions):    


Overall Leader sponsored by the HUB Bikes  (

Ladies Finish Sprint Series sponsored by Team Type 1 Foundation (

Non Pro Finish Sprint Sries sponsored by the Heath Family

Jackie Crowell mid-ride ladies sprints sponsored by the Team Type 1 Masters

Sprints sponsored by Nabo Realty and CEO Briggs Carney (

Sprints sponsored by Boulevard Family Practice / Dr. Bret Magner (