Single File Saturday:  The Monroe Doctrine

When: Saturday, 22 April

Where: The Hub / Jittery Joes (5 Points)

Time: 9 AM (window open)

Length: 77 miles / 4 hours

Interactive map:

Exit Route: S Milledge > Whitehall > Watkinsville

Store Stop:  Monroe (Mile 33 )

Pee Break: approx. Mile 20 

Intermediate Sprints: Pink Church da back side (Mile 58)

Final Attack Zone: Pink Church (2.5 miles): Opens at Mary Collier Road


2017 Awards: 

  • MVP: Ian Garrison (Overall / Youngest Winner Ever), Thomas Brown (14 Lifetime Wins)
  • The Hub Leader’s Jersey Holders:  Megan Heath, Thomas Gibbons, Ian Garrison
  • First Lady: Judy Sencenbaugh (3rd)
  • Rookies of the Year: Judah Sencenbaugh, Isabella Nguy, Sam Tullis, Eli Hoppenfeld, Aidan Landrum, Seth Callahan
  • Stage Winners: Megan Heath, Ian Garrison (2), Jonathon Atwell, Ryan Knapp, Thomas Gibbons, Thomas Brown, Oscar Clark
  • Most Time at the front: Jered Gruber
  • Most Time in Breaks: Jered Gruber
  • Damn, Son! Award: Sean Philyaw, Scott Morris, Frank Travieso, David Heath, Blake Wilson, Huntley Nash, Ashley Gruber
  • The 1000 Mile Club (attended all 12 rides): Frank Crumley, Erik Gruenwedel, Josh Smith, Scott Morris, Humble Chronicler
  • True Grit Award: Gatewood Baynes, Lauren Mueller, Ashley Gruber, Erik Gruenwedel, Frank Crumley, Josh Smith
  • Number of Rides: 12
  • Miles ridden: 972 miles
  • Average Miles per ride: 81 miles per ride

WBL 2016-17 HUB Overall

  1. Ian Garrison: 91 pts
  2. Frank Travieso: 87 pts
  3. Judah Sencenbaugh: 78 pts.
  4. Thomas Brown: 74 (tie)
  5. Thomas Gibbons: 74 pts. (tie)
  6. Jered Gruber: 70 pts
  7. Sean Philyaw: 70 pts.
  8. Oscar Clarke: 65 pts.
  9. Ashley Gruber 65 pts.
  10. Scott Morris: 60 pts
  11. Frank Crumley: 57 pts.
  12. Erik Gruenwedel: 56 pts
  13. Josh Smith: 56 pts
  14. Lauren Muller: 56 pts
  15. Jonathon Atwell: 56 pts.
  16. Megan Heath: 56 pts.
  17. David Crowe: 56 pts
  18. Madeline Pearce: 53 pts
  19. Jim Baynes: 52 pts
  20. David Heath: 52 pts

For Complete Overall hit "read more" link bleow.

Total Rides: 12
Total Miles: 972 miles

WBL 2016-17 Calendar




*Overall Leader's Jersey sponsored by the HUB

*Ladies Sprint Finishes sponsored by Team Type One Foundation 

*Non Pro, 1-2 Sprint Finishes sponsored by Team Mission Source Juniors

*Sprint Series / 5 iconic sprints = $50 each sprint with overall sprint series $Winner$ sponsored by Greg Sommerville

Individual rides sponsored by: Atlantis Hydroponics, Porterfield Tire, Ken Bike Law, Classic City Bread, Gruber Images, Clay Parks Law, Team Mission Source Juniors, Independent Baking Company, Full Circle Real Estate, Jason Bewley, Anonymous donors

Sprints sponsored by  College Transitions, Keim Performance Consulting, Independent Baking Company, My Cycling Coach, Bella at 5 Points, Southeastern Cycling, Jason Bewley, Scott Thomas.