WBL # 1 (12-02-17): THE HUB HOME OPENER

The WBL shot out of the gates this past Saturday like a cannon blast as over 125 amped-up Zealots took part in the HUB Home Opener, an 80-mile misadventure into the Northern Quadrant of the Pale, and even though they were one of the sorriest looking bunch of heathens, harlots, hussars, heralds, haberdashers and hammerheads ever gathered together in one locale, they were graced with warm temps, dry roads and blessed sunshine. The large contingent of n’er-do-wells set a moderate pace to the store stop at the halfway spot, but then the tempo spiked into the red regions thanks to manly pulls from likely suspects—Brown, Gruber, Kaiser and Mojock. All hands on deck reported it was one fine day in the saddle, and may have even been a perfect day had not the Plaza Pirates shown up, but they did, bleary-eyed, wreaking of last night's liquor, foul-mouthed, bedraggled, unkempt and unwashed – a sorry excuse for humankind. The Normal Town Flyers aren’t much better either, but at least they bathe...occasionally. The Boulevard Bandits don't bathe either, but at least they aren't as ignorant as the others, as long as you don't count Cornett. Only the indomitable Cutters, behind their fearless leader Charlie the Caramel Cupcake Carabello, shined like the diamonds they are on the Home Opener. Over 125 Zealots are now tied for the HUB Overall Lead with 4 points, but that number will be pared down in the coming weeks until only one will be left standing. Get ready to brawl.

WBL # 2 (12-10-17): MONROE

The Zealots pulled the old shell game on Mather Nature this weekend and instead of succumbing to severe conditions on Saturday, including snow, ice, sleet, rain and howling winds, in a stroke of genius, pushed the WBL ride to Sunday where the 60 or so attendees were blessed with sunshine, dry roads and clear skies. And though the temps never rose higher than 43 degrees, the Zealots were warm and toasty, snug as three pigs in one blanket, only 20 minutes into the day’s festivities. But the reason the skies had been scrubbed to a clean blue slate is because the gale force busters blew the clouds out of our state and over to Clemson where it hopefully ruined the grass at Memorial Stadium in Death Valley. And when last week’s protagonists J Gruber and T Brown, Pete and Re-Pete, realized the grupetto was being blasted by stiff crosswinds, they signaled each other with a flick of their pinky fingers and diabolical grins—a sure sign they were intent on causing consternation and caterwauling in the peloton, and they succeeded handily with the help of Brock Star Mason and Andy Lo Mein Lougher, who also enjoy a friendly game of Turn the Screws. The Zealots toured the southwestern vector of the pale at a steady 21 mile-per-hour clip, and though not all finished with the leaders, kudos and shout-outs to all who dared venture out into the blustery maw of this rough and tumble day, especially the young, tough lads and lasses from Frazier Cycling, a couple who have only completed 13 laps around the sun—put that little nugget in your pipe and ponderate on it for a bit! With two events down, the number of those tied for the lead is about 50—the barn door is wide open.

WBL # 3 (12-16-17): HOMER

The Zealots hit the sweet spot on this past Saturday’s 80-mile jaunt to Homer like a bowling ball curving into the front pin at the perfect angle, like nailing nothing but net from deep in the corner, like a pinball ricocheting perfectly into the impossibly-placed high-dollar hole. And at the end of the mild-weathered, somewhat sunny day, the grupetto recorded a rapid 21 mile-per-hour average without ever dipping into their deep-water reserves. The large group of over 100 included both rock stars and rabble-rousers, celebrities and Svengalis, plebeians and burghers, realists and dreamers, saints and sinners, left-leaning hippies and clean-cut conservatives, but mostly these were folks of all stripes and beliefs who come together as one because they love to roll out long miles. But no matter which camp one fell into, a rollicking, rolling, fabulastic time was had by all. Among the glitterati being hounded by the paparazzi for photographs and pestered for a few words of wisdom included birthday boys and general all around fast fellows Aiden Landrum and Sam Tullis, who when asked the secret to their stupendous success simply said, “We keep the ladies at a safe distance, but trust us, it’s a full-time job.” Among the starlets on hand for the day’s festivities included a whole bevy of exceedingly fast, super-swift, erudite, dastardly femmes fatales—Tina Mayola-Pic, Megan Heath, Ashley Gruber, Judah Sencenbaugh, Erica Aller, Sommers Creed, Isabella Nguy, Ava Sykes, Alexa Hoppenfeld, Ansley Long, Elizabeth May, Madeline Pearce, Caleigh Resser, Deborah Posta, Dawn Hill and Kate Holbrook were a few of the fleet-footed ladies who signed in for the day’s misadventure. The large group set out in a frigid chill but the sunny skies and quick tempo soon warmed the Zealots down into the blackest part of their wee-willy hearts and the riders were happy and warm as they glided over the lumpy terrain of Jackson, Banks and Franklin Counties. A wispy layer of clouds covered the sapphire sky like a thin layer of gauze during the second half of the ride, weakening the sun’s rays and keeping the temp crisp and cool, but the helmsmen at the front pedaled quickly and kept the tempo quick enough so all one had to do was push on the pedals to keep the inner-furnace burning. WBL CEO Briggs Carney, populist leader of the entire free world, declared the picture-perfect day a complete success. Salud, Brothers and Sisters, for a job well done.

WBL # 4 (12-24-17): HOMER

About 40 Yuletide Zealots signed in for a frosty but spirited 3-hour misadventure to Colberto this Christmas Eve Day, and though the sky remained a dreary, gunmetal grey for the entirety of the ride, and though the winds whipped, the riders on hand were in a celebratory mood knowing Old Saint Nick would be dropping down the chimney and leaving beribboned boxes with bows under everyone’s Christmas tree. Visiting out of state dignitaries Stove Richmond and Chad Fat Cappy joined seasoned veterans such as Jason Krush Master Jones, Mike the Bully Buechel, Demetry the Rock Campbell, Lefty Gruenwedel, David Cowboy Blalock, Michael Sencenboss, Lady Jane Tullis, Madeline Pink Socks Pearce and Bella Nguy for a rock and roll good time scudding over hill and dale in the eastern quadrant of the Emporium. The helmsmen (gender neutral) kept the tempo steady, never pushing the needle into the red zone, as the Christmastide Zealots tallied a solid 20.2 mile-per-hour average on the 63-mile day. The grupetto sailed back into the Hub fresh and energized and with the 4th WBL ride in the books, and 300 miles in the legs, CEO of the WBL Briggs Carney dropped the flag and announced, “It’s time to get this party started, let the sprinting begin.” And with the proclamation, bells started pealing across the land in a bellicose tone and suddenly Natty Dunn gasped in horror: “Them-there’s Hale’s bells, I’d know em anywhere. I heard em before, just about the same time my wife found out I’d been looking at internet porn.” Tommy the Milkman Mulkey said, “That’s why I wipe my ‘history’ clean.”


The sprint rides opened up like a Civil War cannon blast as Michael the Sonic Boom Garrison ran roughshod over a powerful gaggle of Zealots with a scintillating turn of speed as he scored the first WBL win of his burgeoning career. Even though Sonic Boom was heavily marked in the deceptively difficult Flatrock Road Final Attack Zone, he managed to eventually shake the hangers-on from his coattails and blast across the line first. Harrison No Go Nguy was only half-a-wheel behind and with his second-place points, he’s now the HUB Overall Leader by 7 points over Mike Old Man River Buechel, who may, like the Italians Da Vinci, Boccaccio and Petrarch, be this season’s Renaissance Man. When the large group of 100 hit the final attack zone in the 85-mile affair, Robert Criss Cross Conaster bolted out of the pack and into the blue. He was quickly joined by former German Pro Enrico Nikolai and the two escapees put 100 yards on the chasing group in the wink of an eye. But the wind was blowing like burning banshees and was slamming the two escape artists like a sledgehammer pounding a nine inch nail. Criss Cross eventually succumbed to the implacable gale force busters but Nikolai the Hun continued to press down on his pedals in a malicious manner and he kept the wolves at bay for a few more miles. Behind, the attacks were flying fast and furious, causing the group to close the gap on the Hun one excruciating meter at a time. With 2 miles to go, as the Hun took the final right hand turn on Flatrock Road, he was finally brought to heel as the leaders scorched by. The attacks continued to fly in the last 2 miles, reducing the front group to less than 20, but with the fierce winds and furious pace, no rider could claw clear of the voracious pack. As the leaders approached the line, Sonic Boom turned on the master-blasters from 200 meters out and held his advantage over the line, showing he will be a force of nature in the coming weeks, months and to come. But a co-star of the day was also Harrison No Go Nguy, who showed strength beyond his young years and nailed second, which catapulted him to the top of the Dung heap. In the final analysis, the Young Guns of the WBL ruled the day and occupied the top four spots: the average age of these four is and incredible 16 years of age. With the first sprint ride in the books, and with Ladies Day approaching, the door’s been kicked in and knocked off its hinges Buckle your chin straps, brothers and sisters, the flux has hit the fan!


  1. Michael Garrison: 10 pts (Age: 16)
  2. Harrison Nguy: 8 pts (Age: 17)
  3. Lane Hollis: 6 pts. (Age: 16)
  4. Seth Callahan: 4 pts. (Age: 16)
  5. Enrico Nikolai : 2 pts. (Age: 41)
  6. Mike Buechel: 1 pt (Age: 123) 
  7. Attack Point: Robert Conaster, Enrique: 1 pts
  8. True Grit: Michell Enfinger, Austin Ulich: 1 pt
  9. All: 4 pts.


Judah the Sledehammer Sencenbaugh stormed to her first WBL win on the New Year’s Ladies Event and surged up the rankings into a tie for 2nd in the HUB Overall in the Ladies Day Ride. The Sledgehammer edged out Megan the Firebrand Heath by a sliver with the impressive Sommers Backstroke Creed speeding across in 3rd. Backstroke also moved into a tie with Sledgehammer for 2nd in the Overall and has quietly become a serious contender for the throne. About forty frosty souls signed in for the New Years Day mandatory event and rolled out 50 miles in frigid conditions beneath steely gray skies—the temperature at takeoff was a freezing 28 degrees and the needle never rose past a dreadful 34, earning all an extra Foul Weather Point. Lucklily, only one person froze to death and was left on the side of the road, an example of what the WBL elders call “buried at sea.” Seems this may have happened before. In the Final Attack Zone, the infamous Pink Church sprint, J Boss was the first to go for gold as she launched a massive attack 700 meters from the line. But Heath was quick to react and dug deep and clawed her way back to Sledgehammer, who then slowed, allowing the other ladies to rejoin. Approaching the line on the long uphill grade, J Boss blasted out of the group again, and though Heath did react quickly, on this occasion there simply wasn’t enough road for her to make up the deficit. Madeline Pearce, Ashley Gruber, Deborah Potsma and Elizabeth May rounded out the Top 7 with wicked displays of speed, strength and chutzpah. Harrison No Go Nguy still sits atop the dungheap as the Hub Overall Leader, but the Ladies are nipping at his heel. After the first two sprint rides, the battle rages on: Stay tuned.


  1. Judah Sencenbaugh: 10 pts
  2. Megan Heath: 8 pts
  3. Sommers Creed: 6 pts.
  4. Medline Pearce: 4 pts.
  5. Ashley Gruber: 2 pts.
  6. Deborah Potsma: 1 pt
  7. Elizabeth May: 1 pt
  8. All: 3 pts.
  9. All: Foul Weather: 1 pt


The Cuban Missile Frank Travieso played a strong hand to his advantage in a final group of eight and thundered to his 9th lifetime WBL victory, 4th on the All-time Total List, on the 80-mile, 4-hour Parks Law Firm Comer Classic. Travieso’s win came at the end of a difficult day run in less than clement conditions—the high for the day hovered in the high 30s, and the temperature at takeoff was a frosty 30. And the icy winds were also a major factor, especially late in the day, as the powerful group tackled the six large hills in the cruel 9-mile Gene Dixon Attack Zone. But Travieso showed the strength of ten bulls and the wisdom if four Jedi Masters and was the fastest in this world-class final eight-man group. Thomas Hit Man Brown was licking at the Cuban Missile’s heels and with his 2nd place began his ascent up the Hub Leaderboard; but this season, he may be in a battle royale, a slugfest, for the throne.

Even though the outside air was hovering around 30 degrees at departure, the bright yellow sun was shining in a clean blue sky and quickly warmed the Zealots as they pedaled briskly out the Nowhere Road and into the icy hinterland. About 70 gritty pedal-stompers were still remaining when the group took the right hand turn onto Hargrove Lake Road and began the 9-mile Gene Dixon Final Attack Zone at the end of the day, and immediately the pace amped-up as the group sped down the first big hill and headed for the first monster hummock. Up the first dastardly hill, the strong group stretched thin but didn’t break. As the group hit the base of the second climb the pace ratcheted up again and this time the rubber band snapped in twain. Initially there were small groups in ones and twos off the front but within a half mile the front group gelled into well-oiled, smooth flowing world class group of eight: Travieso, Thomas Brown, Jered Gruber, Ian Garrison, Michael Garrison, Joey Rosskopf, Andy Scarano and Seth Callahan were the main protagonists in this day’s festal affairs.

The intermediate sprint sat at the top of the third large hump, and the front eight weren’t slowing down. Behind the Hateful Eight, the chase was in earnest, and the leaders were still within striking distance, hovering a painful 6 seconds ahead. A stiff crosswind was hammering the group, making a solo bid to cross the gap impossible, especially considering who was ahead, but a group rotating and working together might still cross. Heading over the top of the third monster hump, Thomas Hit Man Brown pulled clear with a sinister turn of speed and took the sprint and the points and kept going. The others seven quickly rejoined on the downhill and the front group’s gap became a yawning abyss. Behind, a chase of five ripped clear over the top of the hurtful climb, led by Old Man River Mike Buechel and first timer Jim Snitzer.

The front eight continued to pour coals into the furnace as they flew up the fourth long climb and took the right on Smithonia Road with three miles to go. Scarano, Brown and Rosskopf all made powerful attacks in the closing miles but Gruber and Ian Garrison were finally able to claw clear and open a small but dangerous patch of real estate with a devastating kick. The two worked in earnest but the chasers weren’t to be denied and as they flew down the final fast one mile stretch on Melton Road they timed the catch to perfection and caught the two as they headed up the last hill to the line. In the ensuing mad dash for glory, Travieso showed why he is both a world class finisher, a master tactician and a cold-blooded killer as he unleashed a masterful uphill sprint and blasted across the line in first place. Thomas Brown was a heartbeat behind and showed he is on target to add yet another win to his total lifetime tally of 14. Andy Scarano also showed he is in slashing form as he sped across in 3rd and the young sprinting phenom Seth Callahan pulled off an impressive 4th. Rosskopf, Gruber and the Garrison brothers rounded out the front group. Salud to all in the front group for a helluva ride.

Behind, the next group of five was being chased like hounds from hale on the heels of frantic rabbits. The last two survivors, Buechel and Saitzer, finally succumbed to the furious chase on the final hill. Judah the Sledgehammer Sencenbaugh won the day for the Ladies and combined with the points earned in her intermediate sprint win, she surged up the Hub Leaderboard and is now at the top of the dungheap by 4 points over an impressive Sommers Backstroke Creed, who continues to climb the rankings with each passing week. Shout-outs also for stellar rides from Cole Rasser, Jason K Jones, Megan Heath and Madeline Pearce.  Kudos to all for getting this one in.

Finis (Gene Dixon Attack Zone) (Sponsored by Parks Law):

  1. Frank Travieso: 10 pts
  2. Thomas Brown: 8 pts
  3. Andy Scarano: 6 pts.
  4. Seth Callahan: 4 pts.
  5. Joey Rosskopf: 2 pts.
  6. Jered Gruber: 1 pt
  7. Michael Garrison: 1 pt
  8. Ian Garrison: 1 pt
  9. Attack Point: Mike Buechel, Jim Saitzer: 1 pt.
  10. Roadside Assist Point: Will Saunders: 1 pt.
  11. All: 4 pts.
  12. All: Tough Conditions: 1 pt

Ladies Finis (Sponsored by Team Novo Nordisk (https://www.teamnovonordisk.com):

  1. Judah Sencenbaugh: 5 pts
  2. Megan Heath: 3 pts
  3. Sommers Creed: 2 pts
  4. Madeline Pearce: 1 pts.

Non-Pro Finis:

  1. Seth Callahan: 5 pts
  2. Michael Garrison: 3 pts
  3. D Crowe: 2 pts.
  4. Jason J Jones: 1 pts.

Non-Pro Sprint (Old Wildcat):

  1. Cole Rasser: 3 pts
  2. Michael Garrison: 2 pts
  3. Set Callahan: 1 pts.

Ladies Sprint Sprint (Oglethorpe County):

  1. Judah Sencenbaugh: 3 pts
  2. Megan Heath: 2 pts
  3. Sommers Creed: 1 pts.

Pro Sprint (Gene Dixon Hill):

  1. Thomas Brown: 3 pts
  2. Ian Garrison: 2 pts
  3. Jered Gruber: 1 pts.


First time WBL rider, the 21-year-old Aussie wunderkind and fast twitch phenom Lachlan Holliday, rode a brilliant Final Attack Zone, the savage Pink Church Loop, infiltrating a final powerful group of six assassins, and unleashed a rapid-fire sprint and won his first WBL ride on an epic, albeit cruel, 95-mile, wind-battered day. Thomas Hit Man Brown moved into the HUB Overall Lead with another consistent day, placing 3rd in the finale, and is in position to make record setting 5th run at the crown, but the impressive Sommers Freestyle Creed is nipping at his heels, only 1 point in arrears. After 8 WBL rides this season, the fire is hot in the kitchen and those vying for the throne have begun to surge, but there is still a juggernaut at the top and the Top 5 are still wide open. As the WBL heads into the heart of the other season, the pretenders are falling away and the contenders are rising to the top—only those hardcore, gritty and black hearted Zealots need apply for the pinnacle positions.

After a midweek warming trend, the mercury plummeted for Saturday as the Zealots once again headed out into a hyperborean cold. The temp was hovering around a bitter 30 degrees at takeoff and never rose past a glacial 37. Not only did an Arctic chill grip the pack all day, the wind was racing across the frozen tundra like gangbusters from the northwest, gusting at times up to 25 miles-per-hour, sweeping across the frozen landscape, bending the tops of trees into a horizontal position, biting through one’s clothes like icy daggers and making forward movement a laborious, toilsome task. There were very few stretches all day where one could relax and this day would surely imprint itself on those Zealots present, like a branding iron burning a WBL moniker into one’s back. And the malicious helmsmen—Gruber, Rosskopf, Brown, Garrison, Brock Mason among others—were taking no prisoners on this blustery day, showing no pity for the poor, desperate souls in the pack. Rosskopf merely said, “I want to go hard.” The buffeting winds, the torrid tempo, and the Siberian cold caused a few riders to come unhinged, lost at sea, presumably drown when they fell overboard into an icy oblivion. Death came quickly and was a welcome relief.

After 4 hours of circle-stomping, the group turned right at Alligator Pond and the Whistler warbled his merry tune—the Final Attack Zone, the dastardly 8-mile Pink Church Loop, was at hand. Several riders crossed themselves and your Humble Inkslinger began to quietly cry. Up the first 1-mile incline approaching the intermediate sprint (the first time across the Pink Church line), the group spread thin and the young Aussie showed he would be a threat for the win as he sped across the line first, put his head down, and kept going. But not knowing the course he missed the turn, but quickly u-turned and rejoined this moving missile. Speeding down the next gyring hill the group was single file heading to the crux of the biscuit, the punishing serpentine wall on the backside of the loop that typically launches the winning move and breaks the spirit of all the others. Over the top six heavyweight pedal-pounders broke clear—Gruber. Holliday, Rosskopf, T Brown, Ryan Knapp and Ian Garrison—and never looked back. They rotated down the 3 mile stretch on J Riviera Road, working as one unit, and moved quickly away from those behind. Heading up the final 1-mile pitch to the Pink Church line, no single rider could claw free from this fearless group: After almost 5 hours in the saddle, these six freaks of the big ring would battle it out for the win. With 300 meters to go, the stealthy T Brown jumped but was quickly followed by Ian Lover Boy Garrison. Lover Boy exploded from the group and put a bike length on the others and appeared to be heading for an astonishing win when suddenly Holliday blasted up the right side of the road with a ferocious turn of speed and nipped Garrison at the line. The young Aussie put both hands over his head and cried a river—what a way to start the year! Admiration and respect for all six in the front group—there were no pretenders fighting for this win.

19-year-old Megan Heath rode as strong and impressive as always, winning both the intermediate and the final sprint for the ladies, and was followed closely by the irrepressible Sommers Creed, who has shown remarkable strength and skill for a new WBL rider. Creed sits 2nd in the HUB Overall and trails Brown by only 1 point. For the Ladies, congrats for tremendous rides also for Sarah Hoots, Anna Sykes and Madeline Pearce. For the Non Pros, 16 year old Michael Garrison came with his Big Guns locked and loaded and like Heath, won both the intermediate hill jam and the final sprint. With his points, the young Holowesko tyro has surged into 3rd place in the Overall and reportedly has a bullseye on T Brown’s back. Great rides also from Seth Callahan, Cole Rasser, Huntley Nash, Robert Conaster, Jason K Jones, Gatewood Baynes, Charlie Putnal, Frank Crumley, Cyril Desevaux, Bob Heath and everyone else that took part in this epic day!

Finis (Diabolical Pink Church Loop) (Sponsored by Ken Bike Law):

  1. Lachlan Holliday: 10 pts
  2. Ian Garrison: 8 pts
  3. Thomas Brown: 6 pts.
  4. Joey Rosskopf: 4 pts.
  5. Ryan Knapp: 2 pts.
  6. Jered Gruber: 1 pt
  7. Brock Mason: 1 pt
  8. All: 5 pts.
  9. Inclement Weather Point (cold whipping winds): All: 1 pt
  10. Roadside Assist Point: Ashley Gruber: 1 pt

Ladies Finis (Sponsored by Team Novo Nordisk (https://www.teamnovonordisk.com):

  1. Megan Heath: 5 pts
  2. Sommers Creed: 3 pts
  3. Sarah Hoots: 2 pts.
  4. Madeline Pearce: 1 pts.
  5. Anna Sykes: 1 pt

Non-Pro Finis:

  1. Michael Garrison: 5 pts
  2. Seth Callahan: 3 pts
  3. Cole Rasser: 2 pts.

Ladies Sprint (Hoschton City Limit):

  1. Megan Heath: 3 pts
  2. Tie: Sommers Creed / Madeline Pearce: 2 pts
  3. --

Non Pro Sprint (South Apple Valley Hill Jam):

  1. Michael Garrison: 3 pts
  2. Robert Conaster: 2 pts
  3. Charlie Putnal: 1 pts.

Pro Sprint (Pink Church):

  1. Lauchlan Holliday: 3 pts
  2. Thomas Brown: 2 pts
  3. Huntley Nash: 1 pts.


Jered Gutcheck Gruber scored a fabulastic, drama-filled victory on the 100-mile Independent Baking Company Greensboro World Cup as he bridged to Ian Garrison in the closing pedal strokes and scored a nail-biting win, his 3rd lifetime. With his riveting win, Gutcheck has skyrocketed up the HUB Leaderboard and now sits in the thick of melee, dagger sharpened and poised to make a run at the crown. The day also belonged to the iron-willed Sommers Flystroke Creed as she thundered to the win for the Ladies with another impressive day of pedal-stomping. Flystroke surged up the HUB Leaderboard and now sits at the top of the dungheap like a giant green horsefly guarding its precious coprolitic horde, amazing for this first year Zealot. But there’s chum in the water and the sharks are circling—with 4 rides to go, be careful about leaving a limb dangling over the side or it may get lopped off with one mighty chomp: Things are deadly serious in the WBL.

After several Saturdays of Arctic cold and Siberian winds, the worm turned and about 70 Zealots were treated to a day of cerulean skies, mild winds and moderate temperatures—by the end of the day the mercury would hit a sweltering 67 degrees. Several Zealots even stripped down to short sleeves and skivvies and let Old Sol’s warm rays soak into their pasty, chalk-like skin. After 4 hours of cruising through the southern quadrant of the Emporium, and after three intermediate sprints, the pack entered the Flatrock Road Final Attack Zone and the blitzkrieg began.

Right away a duo escaped and began churning down the road, but the first few miles of this 6-mile Attack Zone are built for speed, making it difficult for a break to snap the ties that bind. The group ripped down the first 4 miles, gobbling up any who dared venture out into the maw, and then turned right and entered the maelstrom on Flatrock Road for the final 2 miles. Flatrock Road is a long, 2-mile uphill stretch of roadway that slopes upward all the way to the line. No sooner had the road tilted up than Ian Long Legs Garrison bolted out into the wild blue yonder all by his lonesome self—it was obvious by the way Garrison was pounding on his pedals that he was going for broke. Behind, panic set in as the pack set off in a frenzied chase. A lead group of 15 formed and began to chase in earnest. With 1 mile to go, Garrison’s gap was still hovering around 5 seconds and closing the last patch of blacktop looked dubious. As the group shifted to the side of the road, Gutcheck was rolling up from the rear and saw an opening, and like a shark that smells blood, bolted away. Both he and Garrison’s tongues were hanging two feet out of their mouths as they drove for the finis as the chase group bore down from behind—this was going to be close, close, close, ever so close. Gutcheck caught Garrison in the closing meters and barely edged by him at the line for the greatest victory of this fashion photog’s illustrious career while Brock Brick Mason and the Trinidad Torpedo, Emile Abraham, Sean Philyaw and Hunley Nash scorched across 2 seconds later and rounded out the TOP 7.

For the Ladies, Sommers Flystroke Creed stormed to an impressive win, with Madeline Pearce, Kathleen Laporte and Judah Sencenbaugh rounding out the podium with tremendous days. For the Non Pros, E Abraham scored the win, with Philyaw, Berrios, Rasser, Gilbert and Bonsignore also securing podium spots. Stupendous rides also from Reggie Pineda, Natty Dunn, Matt Whatley, Thom Leonard and Creed is sitting in the catbird’s seat as the HUB OVERALL LEADER but T Brown, the Garrison Brothers, J Sencenbauh, Cole Rasser, M Pearce and Travieso are all within striking distance—the flames are now three stories tall in the WBL!

Finis (Flatrock Road (Sponsored by Independent Baking Co):

  1. Jered Gruber: 12 pts
  2. Ian Garrison: 10 pts
  3. Frank Travieso: 6 pts.
  4. Brock Mason: 4 pts.
  5. Emile Abraham 2 pts.
  6. Sean Philyaw: 1 pt
  7. Huntley Nash: 1 pt
  8. All: 5 pts.

Ladies Finis (Sponsored by Team Novo Nordisk (https://www.teamnovonordisk.com):

  1. Sommers Creed: 8 pts
  2. Tie: Madeline Pearce / Kathleen Laporte: 5 pts
  3. Ashley Gruber: 4 pts.
  4. Judah Sencenbaugh: 2 pts.

Non-Pro Finis:

  1. Emile Abraham: 8 pts
  2. Sean Philyaw: 6 pts.
  3. Luis Berrios: 4 pts.
  4. Cole Rasser: 2 pts
  5. Jackson Glibert: 1 pt
  6. Brian Bonsignore: 1 pt

Ladies Sprint (Hoschton City Limit):

  1. Judah Sencenbaugh: 5 pts
  2. Ashley Gruber: 3 pts
  3. Sommers Creed: 1 pt

Non Pro Sprint (Woodville City Limit):

  1. Reggie Pineda: 5 pts
  2. Cole Rasser: 2 pts
  3. Charlie Thunderbolt: 1 pts.

Pro Sprint (Antioch Hill Jam):

  1. Tommy Morrison: 5 pts
  2. Ian Garrison: 3 pts
  3. Tie: Thomas Brown / Adam Ventling: 1 pt.


The Cuban Missile, Big Frank Travieso, tallied his 2nd win of the 2018 WBL season with a devastating, top shelf sprint at the end of a 95-mile day as he outkicked his nine breakaway companions on the fast and flowy Nowhere Road finale. The consistent Sommers Flystroke Creed scored enough points on the Ladies’ side of the ledger to hold on to the top spot in the HUB Overall Competition, but Thomas Hitman Brown and Ian Long Legs Garrison closed the gap and are now within spitting distance of the coveted crown. In fact, the Top 3 are all within 3 points of one another and the TOP 5 all within 8 points, with several other contenders—Travieso, C Rasser, J Gruber, M Pearce—rushing up from behind. The HUB Overall Leaderboard is tighter than it’s been in years, and with three events to go, knives have been sharpened, battle plans refined, and mysterious alliances have been formed. As WBL 2018 flies to the finish line, strap on your seatbelt because the road ahead looks pitted and grooved, and there’s killers roaming the countryside.

Thought the temp at takeoff was mild for the 10th event for the year, the Zealots completed the 95-mile ride with the Sword of Damocles dangling over them, i.e., under a constant threat of rain, which caused many in the pack to pedal in a most pernicious manner, scorching down the road leaving burn marks on the blacktop and causing tongues to waggle and lungs to burn. With a little over one hour to go, a few droplets began to fall from the sky, causing further consternation and worry, and keeping the Zealots pedaling furiously, one eye trained on the clouds and the other on the odometer. When the small but resolute group of fifty hardcore pedal-bangers hit the Final 9-mile Attack Zone, they had averaged a speedy 21 miles per hour. As a result, some Zealots were gasping for air before the party even started.

Heading down the beginning of the Attack Zone on the smooth, sinewy twists and turns of Erastus Church Road, the grupetto stretched thin as the heavyweight hammerheads tamped down the tempest in a most hateful way. As the group took the first left hand turn onto Seagraves Mill Road, the first pinch point in the Final Kill Box, gaps opened as the Zealots rocketed up the deceptive climb. A lead group of a dozen hearty souls ripped off the front, while behind two other packs formed on the road, both in a frantic chase. As the lead group headed up Seagraves Hill, Thomas Hitman Brown bolted away and won the intermediate sprint and kept going. The front group shrunk to eight over the hill as the leaders turned right on Nowhere Road with 3 miles to go. Flying down the Nowhere Road finishing stretch, both Garrison brothers took turns trading attacks but no one could break free from this powerful gaggle of Zealots who were all gunning for the win. Approaching the line, Travieso bided his time and showed again that he is firing on a all cylinders as he jumped with 150 meters to go and powered away for the win, followed closely by Ian Garrison, T Brown, Piedmont College’s Andy Guelzo, M Garrison, and former stage winner Lachlan Holliday. Young Michael Coltrane Garrison once again dominated the day for the Non Pros, followed by Eric Moore, Cole Rasser and Eli Hoppenfeld. For the Ladies, Judah Sencenbaugh stormed to the win, pushing her into 4th in the HUB Overall, but again Sommers Creed scored enough points to hold the throne. Great rides also from M Pearce, M Heath, Paul Harkins, Brian Bonsignore and Natty Dunn. Hold onto your hats, bothers and sisters, something wicked this way comes.

Finis (Nowhere Road / Sponsored by Reeves Young):

  1. Frank Travieso: 10 pts
  2. Ian Garrison: 8 pts
  3. Thomas Brown: 6 pts.
  4. Andy Guelzo: 4 pts.
  5. Michael Garrison: 2 pts.
  6. Lachlan Holliday: 1 pt
  7. All: 5 pts.
  8. Potential Pluvial Disaster Point: All: 1 pt.

Ladies Finis (Sponsored by Team Novo Nordisk (https://www.teamnovonordisk.com):

  1. Judah Sencenbaugh: 5 pts
  2. Sommers Creed: 3 pts
  3. Madeline Pearce: 2 pts.
  4. Megan Heath: 1 pts.

Non-Pro Finis:

  1. Michael Garrison: 5 pts
  2. Eric Moore: 3 pts.
  3. Cole Rasser: 2 pts.
  4. Eli Hoppenfeld: 1 pts

Non Pro Sprint (Melton Road):

  1. Michael Garrison: 3 pts
  2. Eric Moore: 2 pts.
  3. Cole Rasser: 1 pt

Ladies Sprint (Bowman City Limit):

  1. Judah Sencenbaugh: 3 pts
  2. Megan Heath: 2 pts
  3. Sommers Creed: 1 pts.

Pro Sprint (Seagraves Mill Hill Jam):

  1. Thomas Brown: 3 pts
  2. Jered Gruber: 2 pts
  3. Michael Garrison: 1 pt.


Thomas Hitman Brown proved the truth of the ancient maxim that old age, cunning and treachery will overcome youth, skill and naiveite as he outfoxed his breakaway companions and took top honors in a two-up sprint and won his record-setting 15th life time WBL event on yet another brutal Saturday beatdown. Hitman also racked-up his 3rd Alto World Cup win on the capricious 115-mile day and shot up the leaderboard into the HUB Overall lead by 6 points over the soaring Judah Sencenbaugh, who dominated the day for the Ladies. Young gunslingers Cole Rasser and Michael Garrison also sparkled like a new chrome grill on a 73 Caddy as they continued their consistent display of pedal pounding and points grabbing and now both sit in the Top 5 Overall. And though Brown is currently sitting in the Catbird’s seat, his quest for a record breaking 5th crown is still not assured—the top of the leaderboard these past weeks has changed like a shape-shifter with an identity crisis, and the HUB Overall Leader has changed no less than six times this season!

A frigid Arctic chill once again blew across the wicked lands north of the Mason-Dixon Line and descended on the Zealots as they gathered for the annual Alto World Cup event. And though the sun would eventually break free of the thin layer of white clouds covering the morning sky, it wouldn’t do so until the return trip from Alto, and the first half of the affair was spent pedaling circles with extra angst in an effort to stay warm. However, pedaling furiously in the first half of this ride can lead to pedaling sqaures later, but since no one had any choice in the matter, the 70 or so Zealots on hand gritted their teeth and kept on trucking, tucking in behind the powerful leaders, hoping for a little luck but praying for forgiveness, just in case. And after 100 miles of ripping over hill and dale in the northern quadrant of the Emporium, after blistering up both the Alto Triple Stair Step and Crackback Hill, and after freezing as they flew down Apple Pie Ridge Road, the pack turned left on Steep Dog Road, the dreaded whistle split the air, and the punishment began: 9 hard miles to go.

The unruly gaggle hit the severe slope of Steep Dog Hill less than 1 kilo into the Final Attack Zone and Dillon the Swami Swaim was the first to launch a serious salvo as he leapt away and powered up the road. Visiting Greenvillain dignitary Andy Baker recognized the dangerous move—Swami won in the same manner two years ago—and motored up to Swaim, followed by Andy Scarano, who is firing on all cylinders at present. As the three took the right hand turn onto Erastus Church Road 2 miles into the Attack Zone, they had opened a significant patch of blacktop over a wide-eyed field, who already knew this was a serious situation.

The large chase group turned on the afterburners heading down Erastus Church Road and as the lead trio took the left on Seagraves, the pack behind caught Scarano and Swaim while Baker punched it again and pulled away. At this point, Gruber and Brown bolted from the front of the chase and caught Baker and the three immediately threw all cards in and eventually began to pull away. Behind, a chase group of ten ripped clear and began the chase with vim and vigor and a pinch of violence: Chris Mojock, Pat Raines, Cole Rasser, Michael Garrison, Scarano, Travieso and Paul Harkins, along with Scarano and Gruber formed a formidable front group hell bent on pulling the three escapees back into the fold.

As the leading trio took the right on Nowhere Road only 3 miles from the finish, an ailing Gruber fell back and was swept up by the flying chase. Heading down the Nowhere Road runway the chasers were closing on Brown and Baker, who were still fully vested in their joint venture, sharing the load equally, and giving massive gut-wrenching pulls, as if their lives depended on surviving to the line, and knowing they probably did. But the chasers, lead by Travieso and Scarano, were within 5 seconds with 1 mile to go and were closing quickly. But the dynamic duo at the front dug and churned and fought and they both jumped with 200 meters to go and crossed the line with both Scarano and Travieso flying by them less than ten inches after glory—it was that close, one of the more dramatic Alto finishes in years. Knapp, Abraham and Mendez rounded out the Top 7, while Judah Sencenbaugh won the day for the Ladies with a dominant ride. Great rides also from Madeline Pearce, Kathleen Laporte and Deborah Potsma. Cole Rasser and Michael Garrison continue to impress on a weekly basis and Shout Outs for great rides also to Paul Harkins, Pat Raines, Steven Heath, Mike Buechel, Brian Bonsignore, Erik Gruenwedel, Cyril Desevaux, Chad Conley, and Michael Trivette.

In the HUB Overall Competition, Thomas Brown is now in the driver’s seat, but as we’ve seen this year, anything can happen. Behind Brown, it’s a juggernaut, with Sencenboss, Garrison, Creed, Rasser, Travieso, Pearce and Gruber in contention for podium spots. Put both hands on the wheel, Brothers and Sisters, with two rides to go, the road looks rocky ahead.

Finis (Nowhere Road / Sponsored by Reeves Young):

  1. Thomas Brown: 15 pts
  2. Andy Baker: 12 pts
  3. Andy Scarano: 9 pts.
  4. Frank Travieso: 6 pts.
  5. Ryan Knapp: 3 pts.
  6. Emile Abraham: 2 pts
  7. Gabe Mendez: 1 pt
  8. Attack Point: Dillon Swaim, Jered Gruber: 1 pt
  9. All: 6 pts. 

Ladies Finis (Sponsored by Team Novo Nordisk (https://www.teamnovonordisk.com):

  1. Judah Sencenbaugh: 10 pts
  2. Madeline Pearce: 8 pts
  3. Kathleen Laporte: 6 pts.
  4. Deborah Potsma: 4 pts.

Non-Pro Finis:

  1. Emile Abraham: 10 pts
  2. Cole Rsser: 8 pts.
  3. Jon Atkins: 6 pts.
  4. Michael Garrison: 4 pts
  5. Paul Harkins: 2 pts
  6. Pat Raines: 1 pt

Ladies Sprint (Madison County):

  1. Judah Sencenbaugh: 5 pts
  2. Tie: Kathleen Laporte: 4 pts
  3. Tie: Madeline Pearce: 4 pts.
  4. Ashley Gruber: 2 pts
  5. Deborah Potsms: 1 pt

Pro Sprint (Alto City Limits):

  1. Brick Dangerblade: 5 pts
  2. Michael Garrison: 4 pts.
  3. Jim Schnitzer: 3 pt
  4. Thomas Brown: 2 pts
  5. Ryan Knapp: 1 pt

Non Pro Sprint (Crackback Hill):

  1. Cole Rasser: 5 pts
  2. Michael Garrison: 4 pts
  3. Steven Heath: 3 pts
  4. Hagen Altizer: 2 pts
  5. Paul Harkin: 1 pt


Thomas Hitman Brown rode a devastating Final Attack Zone and scored a dominating win, his 2nd of the season and 16th lifetime, and also sealed the deal on the 2018 HUB Overall Win. But Hitman’s win was not a foregone conclusion as Judah the Sledgehammer Sencenbaugh and Michael Coltrane Garrison each ran the table for the Ladies and Non Pros respectively, and forced Hitman to pull out all stops in his quest for a record breaking 5th Overall Title. And he didn’t disappoint his throng of rabid fans, who lined Prince Avenue and tossed yellow roses into the road as Brown’s motorcade home turned into a parade.

The 100-mile day began and ended under blue sunny skies and in warm temperatures that hovered in the mid-sixties, a picture-perfect day for the final event of the season. After the forty or so Zealots on hand had roamed far and wide over the rippled roads in the northern quadrant of the Emporium, and after blitzing up the bastardly Moccasin Gap climb for points, prizes and even pleasure (for some), the group hit Jefferson River Road and the last Final Attack Zone of the year began, the J River Wall-Pink Church Zone, a 7-mile affair that harkens back to the early days of the WBL. The group immediately hit the cruel slopes of the J Riviera Wall and the fireworks began as very fit folks pedaled with malevolent intentions, causing cursing and consternation behind—this hill will expose any weakness, there is no place to hide. Over the top of the monstrous incline, a group of ten pulled clear and set off down J River Road with the wind at their backs. Several attacks were launched down the fast and flowy 4-mile downhill run, but nothing could pull clear. Hanging the right at Alligator Pond to begin the final 1-mile uphill dig to the line, Michael Garrison and Travieso pulled clear, but Brown smelled blood and jumped and caught and passed the two and scorched across the line with money to burn. Brock Mason showed he is coming into fine form and was hot on Brown’s wheels with Travieso not far behind. John Boy Butler and Gruber rounded out the Top 5 with exceptional days. Michael Garrison won the day for the Non Pros, and was followed by Crumley and Brookins, who tied for the field sprint not far behind the leaders. Judah Sencenboss took top honors for the Ladies, followed by the irrepressible Madeline Pearce and the always consistent, and always smiling, Ashley Gruber.

The lead in the HUB Overall changed hands this season nearly every weekend in a what was a weekly knuckle brawl among a gaggle of bellicose pedal-bangers. When the sprinting began after four sizzling rides in December, Frazier Cycling’s Harrison No Go Nguy stormed to the head of the class with a dazzling display of speed, acumen and instinct. Nguy held the lead for a couple of weeks before Judah the Sledgehammer Sencenbaugh stormed the palace gates, overpowered the King’s guards, and claimed the throne as her own. Sencenbaugh, because of her dominance, won the Ladies Day ride and threatened to run the table as she shredded the competition and powered her way to points, prestige, guest spots on late night talk shows, and million-dollar sponsorship deals. But like a killer in a trench coat lurking in the shadows and waiting for the opportune time to strike, Thomas Hitman Brown eventually stepped out into the light. Though Brown had yet to win a WBL ride, his consistent top placings in the intermediate and final sprints propelled him past Sencenbaugh and into the lead. Brown, who has won four Overall titles in the past, appeared headed for his record breaking 5th Overall win. T-shirts and newspapers proclaiming the record-breaking win were pre-printed and packaged, bundled and boxed, and stacked in three warehouses owned by CEO Briggs Carney and rented to the WBL for a tidy profit.

But just when it looked like the HUB Overall lead was Brown’s for the taking, Sommers Flystroke Creed swept down on the peloton like a sudden and violent mistral and leapfrogged into the HUB Overall Lead. Like Brown, Creed was yet to win an event, but her consistent top finishes allowed her to hover near the top, waiting for the right moment to break through the ice. And that moment came on the Greensboro World Cup in late January when Creed won the day for the Ladies with a furious finishing charge. The fierce Creed, whose surge into the lead caught several contestants unawares, sat all alone at the top of the dungheap for nearly three weeks as she rode with strength and skill far beyond her status as Zealot Novitiate. But on the penultimate event, Brown upset the apple cart and scored a thrilling victory on the Alto World Cup, perhaps the most epic of his 15 total lifetime wins (at the time), and he reclaimed the lead with one ride to go. And in the last event, Brown didn’t go into the four-corner stall; instead he attacked the day and rolled to his 16th Lifetime win, another record.

As there are every season, there were several superstars this year in addition to Creed who rose above the fray. Michael Coltraine Garrison and Cole Contador Rasser, ages 16 and 14 respectively, treated the Non Pro sprints and hill jams as their own personal playground. Rarely could their stranglehold on these sprints be broken, and they have shown they are the future of the WBL. On the Ladies side of the ledger, in addition to Sencenbaugh and Creed who finished 2nd and 6th respectively, Madeline Blondie Pearce had her strongest winter yet, finishing an impressive 5th in the HUB Overall with a strong ride on the last event. Another first time WBL rider this season is the Flying Frenchman Cyril Deseveux. Deseveux, who was never daunted by cold, wind or threat of rain, along with the Michael the Sometimes Sensible Sencenboss, were two of only three riders to ride all twelve WBL events this season. One reason fewer folks rode all twelve events this season is because conditions were tough. The temperature was generally freezing at takeoff, sometimes lower, and most Saturdays an icy, blustery wind was ripping across the frozen tundra. Hats off to Sencenboss and Deseveux for putting into practice the 5 Ds, which guarantee success, not only at cycling, but life: Discipline, Drive, Desire, Dedication, Determination.

The Ancient Regime must also be mentioned. What a year for the Old Guard, those that have won multiple WBL events and who have been in the vanguard for over a decade. Brown, Travieso and Gruber, who have a combined 29 wins among them over the course of the last ten years, all took wins again this year, with Travieso and Brown each taking two. Salud! to these veterans of the WBL who in addition to the Five Ds mentioned above, are persistent and know how to persevere. Turns out they are still pretty damn fast too after all these years.

There’s also a big bevy of riders who have a little age on them, some more than others, who may have lost a step or two, but who still love to roll out long miles with the younger bucks, and who work their bums off just to hang, but they do hang, sometimes just barely, and sometimes only by a hangnail. But this batch of Zealots comes back week after week, and always (almost) wearing a smile, ready to hammer out 100 miles yet again. Included in this non-exhaustive list is Jim Baynes, Frank Crmley, Erik Gruenwedel, Natty Dunn, Scott Morris, Charlie Carabello, Jason K Jones, as well as your Humble Inkslinger to name only a few.

The speed this year was consistently quicker than previous years as the standard average speed usually came in around 21 miles per hour. And proof that this year was truly epic is the fact that the peloton completed over 1,000 total miles, a rare feat in WBL lore. A special Shout Out to all my Brothers and Sisters of the road for another blockbuster year in the WBL.

Finis (Pink Church / Sponsored by Gruber Images):

  1. Thomas Brown: 12 pts
  2. Brock Mason: 10 pts
  3. Frank Traveiso: 8 pts.
  4. John Butler: 6 pts.
  5. Jered Gruber: 4 pts.
  6. Michael Garrison: 2 pts
  7. Michael Sencenbaugh: 1 pt
  8. All: 5 pts.

Ladies Finis (Sponsored by Team Novo Nordisk (https://www.teamnovonordisk.com):

  1. Judah Sencenbaugh: 8 pts
  2. Madeline Pearce: 6 pts
  3. Ashley Gruber: 4 pts.
  4. Ansley Long: 2 pts.

Non-Pro Finis:

  1. Michael Garrison: 8 pts
  2. (Tie) Frank Crumley: 5 pts.
  3. (Tie) Butch Brookins: 5 pts.
  4. Paul Harkins: 2 pts
  5. Jason Jones: 1 pts
  6. Cyril Deseveux: 1 pt

Ladies Sprint (Moccasin Gap):

  1. Judah Sencenbaugh: 5 pts
  2. Madeline Pearce: 4 pts
  3. Ashley Gruber: 3 pts.
  4. Ansley Long: 2 pts

Pro Sprint (Moccasin Gap):

  1. Thomas Brown: 5 pts
  2. Michael Garrison: 4 pts.
  3. Jered Gruber: 3 pt
  4. Michael Sencenbaugh: 2 pts
  5. Frank Travieso: 1 pt

Non Pro Sprint (Moccasin Gap):

  1. Michael Garrison: 5 pts
  2. David Crowe: 4 pts
  3. Brian Bonsignore: 3 pts
  4. Paul Harkins: 2 pts
  5. Frank Crumley: 1 pt

2018 Final Overall:

  1. Thomas Brown: 116 pts.
  2. Judah Sencenbaugh: 106 pts
  3. Michael Garrison: 102 pts
  4. Frank Travieso: 85 pts
  5. Madeline Pearce: 81 pts.
  6. Sommers Creed: 79 pts.
  7. Cole Rasser: 75 pts.
  8. Gutcheck Gruber: 74 pts
  9. Ian Garrison: 70 pts
  10. D Crowe: 62 pts
  11. Michael Sencenbaugh: 59 pts
  12. Frank Crumley: 58 pts
  13. Cyril Desevaux: 57 pts
  14. Paul Harkins: 54 pts.
  15. Ashley Gruber: 54 pts
  16. Jim Baynes: 53 pts
  17. Jason K Jones: 53 pts.
  18. Megan Heath: 51 pts.
  19. Erik Gruenwedel: 50 pts
  20. Mike Buechel: 48 pts
  21. Brock Mason: 45 pts
  22. Deborah Potsma: 45 pts
  23. Natty Dunn: 44 pts
  24. Brian Bonsignore: 43 pts
  25. Jackson Gilbert: 43 pts.
  26. Harrison Nguy: 41 pts.
  27. Nathan Goodman: 41 pts.
  28. Demetry Campbell: 40 pts.
  29. Emile Abraham: 40 pts
  30. Stephen Heath: 40 pts.
  31. Seth Callahan: 40 pts.
  32. Elliot Caldwell: 39 pts
  33. Tommy Morrison: 39 pts
  34. Thomas Duke: 39 pts.
  35. Josh Smith: 37 pts.
  36. Will Saunders: 36 pts
  37. Kathleen Laporte: 35 pts
  38. Harrison Nguy: 35 pts 
  39. Thom Leonard: 34 pts
  40. John Butler: 32 pts
  41. Mark Klein: 31 pts.
  42. Robert Conaster: 31 pts.
  43. Elizabeth May: 31 pts
  44. Scott Morris: 30 pts.
  45. Bob Heath: 30 pts.
  46. Caleigh Rasser: 30 pts
  47. Andy Scarano: 30 pts.
  48. Tom Fortune: 29 pts 
  49. Eli Hoppenfeld: 29 pts
  50. Ansley Long: 28 pts.
  51. Alexa Hoppenfeld: 28 pts
  52. Ryan Hoppenfeld: 28 pts
  53. Ava Sykes: 28 pts.
  54. Huntley Nash: 26 pts
  55. Lachlan Holliday: 26 pts.
  56. Brick Dangerblade: 25 pts
  57. Isabella Nguy: 24 pts.
  58. Charlie Carabello: 22 pts.
  59. Dylan Turner: 22 pts
  60. Michael Trivette: 21 pts.
  61. Nicolas Fedenco: 21 pts.
  62. David Blalock: 21 pts.
  63. Sarah Hoots: 20 pts.
  64. Bill Kerrigan: 20 pts.
  65. Pablo Di Marco: 20 pts
  66. Reggie Pineda: 19 pts
  67. Bella Nguy: 19 pts.
  68. Eric Moore: 19 pts. 
  69. Michael Sanders: 18 pts.
  70. Andy Baker: 18 pts.
  71. Mitchell Enfinger: 18 pts.
  72. Joey Rosskopf: 17 pts
  73. Andrew Brookins: 17 pts.
  74. David Heath: 17 pts.
  75. Sam Tullis: 17 pts.
  76. Charlie Putnal: 17 pts.
  77. Willem Kaiser: 16 pts.
  78. Aiden Landrum: 16 pts.
  79. Damien Dunn: 16 pts.
  80. Jordan heimer: 15 pts.
  81. Cody Parker: 15 pts.
  82. Paul Harkins: 15 pts.
  83. Butch Brookins: 15 pts.
  84. Jim Schnitzer: 15 pts
  85. Bill Kerrigan: 15 pts
  86. Ava Sykes: 15 pts.
  87. Elizabeth May: 15 pts.
  88. Scott Morris: 15 pts.
  89. Will Saunders: 15 pts.
  90. Bill Lanlilotta: 14 pts.
  91. Ryan Knapp: 14 pts
  92. Scott Russell: 13 pts.
  93. Adair Horowittz: 13 pts
  94. Chris Whalen: 13 pts.
  95. Chris Darel: 12 pts.
  96. Tommy Mulkey: 12 pts
  97. Jon Atkins: 12 pts
  98. Haegan Altizer: 12 pts.
  99. Erik Kirk: 12 pts.
  100. Sean Philyaw: 12 pts.
  101. Wes Gregory: 12 pts.
  102. Justin Ash: 12 pts
  103. Kenneth Fisher: 11 pts
  104. Jeff Mayday: 11 pts.
  105. Dominic White: 11 pts.
  106. Christopher Page: 11 pts.
  107. Morgan Patton Brown: 11 pts.
  108. Jane Tullis: 11 pts.
  109. Sam Tullis: 11 pts.
  110. Andy Guelzo: 10 pts.
  111. Lane Hollis: 10 pts
  112. David Vargas: 10 pts.

2018 Awards:

  • MVP: Thomas Brown
  • The Hub Leader’s Jersey Holders:  Harrison Nguy, Judah Sencenbaugh, Sommers Creed, Thomas Brown
  • Ladies in the Top 10: Judah Sencenbaugh (2nd), Madeline Pearce (5th), Sommers Creed (6th)
  • Top Non Pros: Michael Garrison (3rd), Cole Rasser (7th)
  • Rookies of the Year: Sommers Creed, Cole Rasser, Cyril Deseveux, Stephen Heath
  • Stage Winners: Michael Garrison, Judah Sencenbaugh, Frank Travieso (2), Thomas Brown (2), Jered Gruber, Lachlan Holliday
  • Most Dramatic Win: Thomas Brown (Alto); Michael Garrison (Monroe)
  • The 1,000 Mile Club (attended all 12 rides): Cyril Deseveux, Michael Sencenbaugh, David Crowe
  • True Grit Award (aka Tough as Hale Award): Jason K. Jones, Paul Harkins, Sommers Creed, Jim Baynes, Deborah Potsma, Frank Crumley, Erili Gruenwedel
  • The Bounceback Award: Mike Buechel, Tom Fortune, Thom Leonard
  • The Damn, I Love to Pull Medal of Honor: Jered Gruber, Thomas Brown, Chris Mojock, Ian Garrison, Frank Travieso, Brock Mason
  • Number of Rides: 12
  • Miles ridden: 1025 miles
  • Average Miles per ride: 85 miles per ride